Sunday, 17 July 2011

Cav wins in Montpellier

Stage 15
17 July 2011

Still in the grip of this cold, no desire to write. On the other hand I had to watch most of the stage, as the route went through the southern limit of where I cycle all year. The roads I know fairly well. Such a treat to see the villages and countryside from the air, and realise I live here. It would've been a good stage to write about. As for the finish, it was not a big surprise, but I could have brought back some nice shots from the busses, the people and so forth.

On the other hand yesterday would've been good to write about too. It would have been fun to write about how interesting a stage could be when nothing much goes on with the GC. It seems that it is all going to unfold in the last week, as many suspected. On the other hand there has been plenty to keep us entertained as spectators. Not least Voeckler. Is he in yellow becasue he is good or because the others don't make many serious moves. We shall see.

Sorry about this gap, I really don't feel like writing. Maybe tomorrow.

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