Saturday, 18 July 2009

Stage 14
18 July 2009

So Cav is meant to win. Everyone for the GC to keep their powder dry. The route is near where my wife used to live. So she will be there all day. Will the break succeed? Off to my nap.

Le Tour de France des paradis fiscaux fait étape en Suisse

Après Monaco et Andorre, le Tour de France fera étape en Suisse dimanche 18 juillet. Attac et les associations de la Plate Forme Paradis fiscaux et judiciaires s’associent à leurs homologues suisses (Attac Suisse, Action de Carême, Action place financière suisse, Déclaration de Berne, Pain pour le prochain.) et continuent leur parcours d’information et d’action contre les Paradis fiscaux.
Attac et ses partenaires prévoient des initiatives les samedi 17 et dimanche 18 Juillet à Pontarlier, ville départ de l’étape qui amènera les coureurs à Verbier en Suisse.
Attac France,
Montreuil, le 18 juillet 2009
Pour en savoir plus :
- Les communiqués français et suisse diffusés à cette occasion :
- La rubrique dédiée à ces actions :

So Cavendish did not win. Not only did he not win, but it appears that he was relegated fro cutting off Thor Hushovd during the bunch sprint. Although it is not over until it is over, if the appeal is not upheld, that means the green jersey belongs to Hushovd. Cavendish is unlikely to pick up many points in the intermediate sprints they scatter throughout the mountain stages, although Hushovd might. And there is only one pore sprinters stage. While Cav ill probably win that one, I doubt that Hushovd will finish in tenth or whatever it would take for him to lose so many points on Cavendish. So barring the unexpected, Hushovd has won green.

Another minor bad break for someone whom I like, George Hincapie. Five seconds, just five seconds from the second day in yellow in his long career. He tried to keep everyone in the escape interested for along time. But when Ivanov made his attack, some of them gave up. So he finished as best he could, and sat by the TV waiting to see how many minutes it would take the peloton to cross the line. Toward the end, his own team rode a little bit quickly to try to ensure that Cavendish, also on his team, would get extra points from Hushovd in the sprint. Sadly, that probably took away the final five seconds. For along time Astana rode behind the break. Some say they rode slowly so the break would stay away. George being an old member of Lance's team and a good buddy. Some say if Astana had NOT ridden the peloton would have been even further behind as the only team who might have ridden hard was the team defending the yellow jersey for Nocentini, AG2R. No one will ever know. But George sure did seem at least a little bit upset when he realised he had lost it for five seconds.

A very close male friend just died. At least I just heard about it. Al. I think I might just stop the blog for tonight.