Friday, 25 July 2008

25 July

25 July

Just so you don’t think I am dead.

But I really have no desire to write anything and am ready to watch a bit of the TT and then the last hour of the champs. I will write something soon. Just not tonight.

Had a nice short ride today. With a neighbour who is going to ride all the way to England from the south of France. A real cyclist. I helped persuade him to buy proper shoes and pedals. He does have a very handy kickstand on his bike. I think he is going to have a wonderful time.

Here is a prediction I wrote earlier about the final order of the GC after the time trial.

1 Evans rides brilliantly
2 Sastre does OK
3 Menchov gains more than 1,06 on Kohl
4 Kohl loses less than three minutes on everyone and beats Frank
5 F Schleck beats Valverde by 4 minutes
6 Valverde beats Vande Velde by a minute
7 Sanchez beats everyone below him
8 Vande Velde loses a bit more than a minute on Valverde and Sanchez
9 Kirchen easily takes a minute on Valjevec and Efimkin
10 A Schleck gains two minutes on Valjevec and Efimkin
11 Kreuziger same except for less than a minute faster than Andy.

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